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“SRI SIVA SAI RAGHAVENDRA” is a name of the God. It starts earth SRI means siri and nothing but goddess of wealth. We at ‘SRI SIVA SAI RAGHAVENDRA CONSTUCTIONS (P) LTD.”

SSSR Constructions was established in the year of 2004 as a Private Limited Company. It’s focused on various infrastructure activities like infra, road & structural construction works.

SSSR Constructions delivers world-class engineering & construction services. We are pioneers in the Indian construction industry. Continuing our legacy of innovation, we achieve new milestones with every endeavour.

SSSR Constructions is responsible for structural & road constructions that have defined the country's progress. Surging ahead with presence in multiple sectors and involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating opportunities for everyone.

SSSR Constructions has a unique business model, with proven e....

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In today's age, speed is the norm. Mobility is no exception. Be it to move people or goods, a strong transportation network - roads, highways, bridges, flyovers etc. - paves the way for better connectivity.


We investigate, evaluate, and design repairs to address water penetration problems and rehabilitate deteriorated structural elements such as foundations, bridges etc.


Construction Infrastructure is increasingly benefits importance to maintain quality and efficiency in project execution. It not only allows us to a strict control over quality but also helps us in honoring deadlines.

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